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Holiday Memories are Lifetime Gifts
When fond Holiday memories come to mind, they
rarely include lines at the checkouts, rude
clerks, or even worse, the bills that arrive
shortly after the decorations are stored for
another year. Trips to the mall can leave us
more anxious than when we arrive. Often
times, we donít achieve relief until weíve
checked the last name off our list, and
assure ourselves that there is enough
wrapping, ribbon and tape to add the
finishing touches.

Color Me Mine wants you and your family to
re-think your Holiday strategy. ìOur paint-
it-yourself ceramic studio in Sunset Place
offers a festive, stress-free opportunity for
quality family time. You arenít just buying a
gift, youíre making a memory!î

One of a Kind Gifts
In the current economy, value is the key ingredient to
consider. What can be more precious to a loved one than a
thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift to cherish always?

ìComing to our studio is certainly not as stressful as the
mall. Itís a relaxing time to paint with your family and
make a memory that will last a lifetime.î

You and your children can choose from a large selection of
unpainted ceramics. Platters, ornaments, mugs, trinket
boxes, figurines and much more, are there to design and
paint any way youíd like, with more than 60 colors to choose
from. Get your creative juices flowing, or follow some of
the beautiful examples decorating the studio.

No talent? No Problem! With the helpful staff, image
gallery and design center, your gift from the heart will be
perfect. Your items are glazed and fired for you. After a
few short days, your gifts are ready to be picked up. Memories from grandma... "I have a ceramic vase that my
grandchildren painted and gave me when they were very small.
It has their hand prints on it, and I just canít believe how
much theyíve grown! Itís such a precious memory.î or ìWhen
he was older, one of my grandsons painted me an adorable
piggy bank because he knows that I collect pigs.î

With so many items to choose from, itís easy to find the
perfect gift for every person on your list. The best thing
about Color Me Mine is the fun of designing, painting and
taking home a one-of-a-kind masterpiece gift, and the memory
of being creative together with family and friends. Indeed,
there is no better value than truly enjoying yourself and
your family while anticipating the smile and years of
enjoyment the recipient will surely gain from your gift of
creativity and love.

We're all fired up about our party package!
Our package includes all the great elements you will need to
give your child a super time. Painting and creating plus
celebrating with you and their friends. Packages begin at $20
per person with a minimum of 10 people and includes a credit
of $15 towards any piece.

See our Party! tab for more information.

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Reservations are not required but keep in mind that on weekends and holidays there might a waiting list. Call us at 305 665 0646 to make one :)
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