Fundraising . . .

We put the Fun in Fundraising!
Tile Wall .... "you can go miles with our tiles"

Skip the bake sales and book fairs and raise some real money while adding a priceless addition to your building at the same time!

All of your friends & members can paint a commercial-grade tile. We'll glaze it & fire it and you hang it. This is an easy & creative way to make money for your school, church or temple. Organizations have raised thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in a single day Tile Wall event.

We offer tile walls from a 100 tiles to 1000's of tiles.

Coordination and Setup
Color Me Mine will help your organization (school, hospital, church, synagogue, etc.) coordinate the event from start to finish. Before the event we will help you: choose the location for the Tile Wall, develop a project goal, design the artwork for the print material and create a sales strategy to maximize tile sales. We provide tile, paint, staff, brushes and everything you need to make the event easy for you and fun for everyone involved.

Paint Day
We provide staff to setup and everything you need so the paint day goes smoothly while the participants enjoy painting their masterpiece that will last a lifetime. Painting ceramics is an event that is enjoyed by everyone from ages 1-100 and it will bring together everyone associated with your school or organization.

Installation and Dedication
We will meet with the coordinating committee to layout the tiles and help design the look of the finished product. We can also provide help to create an event to celebrate the ìunveilingî of your finished ìTile Wallî. Everyone is an artist at Color Me Mine and every participant will have created a masterpiece to be seen forever as a beautiful addition to your facility. Every participant will see and be proud of the part they played to help the cause.

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